MISSION is aiming at managing, efficiently and in an innovative way, the Legal Conformity, requisite of the most important Environmental Management Systems (EMS), both in preparation of the achievement of EMAS Registration / ISO Certification and during their maintenance. This tool can be useful also for internal Audits and before receiving external Audits, according to the Deming cycle: Plan-Do-Check-Act.


The structure of the Data Base and its features of guided self-filling-out, based on professional experiences of the author who has been working for several years as legal advisor for the legislative conformity in the framework of the Environmental Management Systems EMAS and ISO 14001, makes the user able to adapt this tool to different organisations, being private or public ones.


 The way of data management via new Computing System, furthermore, allows a flexible access to the Data Base from any PC devices, at any hour of the day, guarding a high safety thanks to the registration through a personal username and password authorized by a reliable Provider which guarantees from hackers’ attacks. Thanks to this innovative technology the users don’t need to buy Server or Software to be downloaded but they only pay an annual fee which enables them to use it and access to all the features. This allows the users to reduce the costs of installation and those of maintenance,


  • Assistance to the functioning of the Programme and Personalization of the tool through the self-filling-out; 
  • Flexibility and Fairness of the tool in Simplifying the detection of critical items and the preparation of the action plan;
  • Easy monitoring of actions: finished, on-going and future ones thanks also to a graphic Report;
  • Possibility of making copy of parts of the Data Base;
  • Safety in filing the data and easy accessibility of data by other authorized users;
  • Rationalising and/or Eliminating the production of paper documents;
  • No installation procedure.     


Please e-mail me  at: in order to get more information about the and in testing its Beta version.

Author: Maurizio Abbati, Legal Advisor Environmental Management Systems and Lead Auditor ISO 14001 – 19011 - is a registered Programme.

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