Expo Live: comparison of experiences at the EXPO Milan 2015

Just a few weeks after the official closing of the Universal Exposition in Milan 2015, we would like to share some feedbacks about our visit to the Principality of Monaco EXPO Pavilion and offer you the video-interview, registered on the 16th October 2015, with Ms Denise Curcio, team leader at the EXPO Principality of Monaco Pavilion.

The French version of this press report was published by the "Agence Monaco Presse", online Magazine based on the Principality of Monaco. 

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Principality of Monaco EXPO Pavilion

A fixed joint eco-sustainable structure, obtained from the reuse of packing materials, welcomed the visitors. Some cargo containers were skilfully transformed in architectural elements that give life to a green roof devoted to the growing of Mediterranean plants directly from the Riviera, a great example of vertical garden, fed by rainwater. The project of the Principality of Monaco Pavilion, designed by the Italian architect Enrico Pollini, focused on the fundamental values of solidarity, environmental protection and green-economy growth.

The original internal space was divided into eleven environments made up with packaging wooden cases which turned into means of communication offering to the visitors images, words, flow diagrams, virtual games and videos which give new meanings to normal objects used in goods transport. The real "fil rouge"of the Monegasque Pavilion was the promotion of three key lines:  the Cooperation, supported by many practical examples of projects aimed at achieving the UN Millennium Development Goals, which include the reduction of pollutant emissions; the safeguard of the ocean biodiversity and the sustainable management of woods sponsored by the Wood Forever Pact of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation; the governance, supported by innovative companies in the food industry and safeguarding  protected marine areas (Monaco Blue Initiative); the Education, promoting new exciting didactic itineraries such as the awareness campaign promoted by the WWF which enables the Principality to become the first country to ban the “Bluefin tuna fish”  from its tables.

The final message was aimed at raising awareness among the visitors on the main issues of the environmental sustainability which are not meant to be considered as “stranger” but an integral part of everybody’s life, thus ensuring our survival. 

Interview with Ms Denise Curcio, team leader at the EXPO Principality of Monaco Pavilion 

1. What does EXPO mean for you?

Expo is a unique and incomparable experience; this event is an exceptional meeting of different cultures which allows the exchange of ideas:  that doesn’t happen often in life. The opportunity of meeting people coming from all over the World is also meant to solve real problems which are seriously affecting the Earth, being too often underestimated. An effective awareness campaign needs to be boosted, as the Principality of Monaco Pavilion is trying to do through several projects. We should not forget, then, that the Monegasque Pavilion structure is part of an important project itself: the building will be transformed in a Red Cross Training Centre in Africa.

2. What attracted you most at EXPO?

What impressed me most of the EXPO is its multiculturalism which enables different culture to live peacefully side by side in this restricted environment (although the remarkable size of the expo area), offering to the visitors the best side of their Countries and high value projects. A proof of this is the great success of public been noted in these days, just a few weeks off the end of EXPO.

3. What does the food really mean for you?

In  my opinion, the food is essential and it really expresses who we are; we are what we eat. Food has also a fundamental social role: people expresses themselves, while eating everyday. Food could be often an Art form, a monument or something else. It is really important, then, to make a life change in order to guarantee a proper management of the food sources at our disposal, often mismanaged. EXPO can offer important solutions to some problems and raise awareness into the great public on issues affecting all of us.

by Maurizio Abbati

Thanks to the Communication Office and to Ms Denise Curcio for their cooperation. 

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Video Interview

This press report was published through an official government communication (in French language), on the 17th November 2015, by "Agence Monaco Presse", online Magazine based on the Principality di Monaco.