Municipality of Ravenna (Beneficiary), Municipality of Ferrara, Municipality of Mantova, Municipality of Amaroussion (Greece), City of Dresden (Germany), City of Heidelberg (Germany), Municipality of Vaxjo (Sweden), Local Agende 21 Italian Coordination.


The Life IDEMS Project (Integration and Development of Environmental Management System) aimed at integrating the EMAS / ISO Environmental Management Systems together with City and Local Environmental Accounting and Reporting (CLEAR) and Ecobudget, in order to combine them as one single Urban Environmental Management Plan, based on the 11 Points which involve the Strategic, the Organizational and the Operative Levels.


- Formulating sustainable policies for facing any level of criticality, at local level.

- Providing a suitable checking on the fulfilment, the efficacy and the validation of any action according to sustainable policies.

- Guaranteeing the involvement of all stakeholders in the local decision-making process.

- Building a more efficient and motivated Municipal organisational structure.

- Improve the communication and information system addressed to stakeholders in order to inform them correctly about the results achieved, subsequent to the new Action Plan (e.g.: reduction of air pollution, decrease in the public energy consumptions, improvement in the separate collection of waste, creation of environmental education and training centres, etc.)


The IDEMS Project has ended with the achievement of the ISO 14001 Certification and/or the EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) Registration gained by all the European Public Administrations involved. Furthermore, Environmental Budget Balance was integrated into any Environmental Management System.

As a result, “Guidelines for the integration of Environmental Balance with Environmental Management System” have been published and disseminated in European Union. The IDEMS Model is currently considered a key element for thousands of European Public Administrations.

In 2010, IDEMS was awarded by the European Commission as one of the best Life Nature European Project. The work team received an official memorial plate.

From 2006 to 2010, I took part to all stages of IDEMS Project, in the role of Project Manager. 


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