Deming Cycle

Bagni Ducali - Ferrara - Italy

Environmental Management Systems: a definition

The EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) Registration, sponsored by the European Commission and effective in the European Union, defines how to manage both the environmental impacts and other aspects linked to any activity of the registered organisations to obtain the official acknowledgement via a register which is made publicly accessible. The organisation involved in the EMAS scheme, chooses an Environmental Management System based on the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle, known as the Deming Cycle, inspired by the continuous improvement principle. The current EMAS structure (defined by the EU Regulation 761/2001/CE) establishes the interrelation between EMAS and the ISO 14001 (environmental management system rules) international standard criteria which are now combined. The cycle structure consists of several logical steps dealing with the “Plan”, the “Do”, the “Check” and the “Act”. By the end of 2015 a new version of ISO 14001 will be published.

Certification Process: Municipality of Ferrara

In May 2010, after a long-lasting certification process, started in 2006, the Municipality of Ferrara, thanks to my personal contribution in the field of legal conformity, safety rules and environmental data quality system, has been certified ISO 14001 by Certiquality, Italian Quality Certification Body. Ferrara is considered, then, one of the first Italian middle-sized city to be certified.

The Municipal Administration identify, through its internal Environmental Management System (EMS), all the activities which can interact with the environment, it controls them and it plans a continuous improvement programme.

The main advantages which brought the Municipality of Ferrara to the certification process are the following:

- the EMS allows you to supervise and improve the Municipal and local environmental performances.

- the EMS guarantees the respect of the environmental legislation, in an efficient and documented way.

- the EMS assists the Administration to pursue the Municipal environmental prevention plan.

- the EMS let the Administration implement the internal process efficiency and efficacy, it allows to clarify the placement of responsibilities and to best use human resources, providing relevant economic savings.

- the EMS enables a popular and fully shared knowledge on the main \Municipal environmental responsibilities, both internal and external.

- the EMS allows to supervise continuously the System via third-party audits.

- the EMS is an International and European standard, known throughout the world.

The Municipality of Ferrara maintains the ISO 14001 Certification which was renovated until May 2016.


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