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The Intelligent Energy (IE) pro-EE Project aimed at improving energy efficiency through sustainable public procurement of products and services. In order to achieve this purpose, pro-EE invited producers and consumers to sit down at the same table to agree some specific actions aimed at implementing new procedures addressed to whom is in charge of Green Public Procurement, at Municipal level. Five Pilot Cities, furthermore, worked on creating Integrated Energy Efficiency Action Plan, which included the involvement of stakeholders and awareness-raising campaigns for sensitising citizens.


- Gathering producers, suppliers and consumers in order to boost innovation and improve energy-efficient product and service marketing, influencing the local (and then national) market through proper actions carried out by Public Administrations.

- Establishing an innovative approach which aims at creating a synergy between the "demand" by the consumers and the "offer" by the producers for pushing the use of new energy-efficient technologies.

- Testing this new approach by integrating it into Municipal policies and procedures.

- Disseminating the results of that testing to any other Public Administration interested in.

- Encouraging the application and implementation of that new approach wide-ranging via specific guidelines, recommendations and best practices.


The pro-EE working groups, made up with representatives of the industrial and retailing world together with Public Administrations’ officers, drawn up Technical Guide Lines on: electrical street lighting equipment, LED road signs, electrical appliances, energy-efficient vehicle fleets; LED street lighting equipments, Pedelecs (electric bicycles) and other innovative and energy-efficient products.

Green Procurement networks have been created in all the Countries involved in pro-EE (Italy, Spain, Portugal, Austria and Germany) with the establishment of energy-efficiency criteria to be placed in innovative online call for tenders according to specific procedures, which allowed to achieve all the targets in short time, assuring high levels of cutbacks in energy and paper consumption.

Eventually, theoretical-practical Guide Lines (translated in six languages) have been drafted in order to disseminate the final results enabling the diffusion of best practices and public awareness campaigns within the territory of the European Union, via conferences, seminars, training courses, articles, web sites, etc.

The final pro-EE conference, held in October 2010 in Linz (Austria) was a great success: 200 participants (many of them buyers) have assisted to that panel.

From 2008 to 2010, I actively participated to all workshops, at European level, achieving the fixed targets in due time, acting as Project Manager representing the Municipality of Ferrara. 


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